We offer many opportunities for our clients, including on and off farm lease mares, PRE Mare cycle leases, PRE Embryo transfer Recipient mares, and competition leases.

Lease Mares

Have you ever fallen in love with a stallion, the look, the movement, the temperament, and dreamed of one day owning one of his foals? Or have you watched one of our mares grow compete and win, and imagine having one of her foals as your next riding partner or as an addition to your breeding herd? We understand! We developed this offer for you! We have a number of truly stunning mares, mares we have selected and chosen to produce the very highest quality foal possible. Taking into consideration lineage, conformation, movement, and temperament. The lease prices are different for each mare, depending on each mare, and what foals we will be looking to breed in that year. Most of these range from 5-10,000 with several of our mares being much more. If you are not quite sure if you are looking to lease a mare for this year or next year, we do accept a deposits if you wish to reserve a particular mare for next season (this will be applied to your account for the following year), and as always you may make payments toward the mare lease for next year to help the impact on your wallet.

On Farm Mare lease –

How it works: One (or more if desired) of our mares is selected to be leased, the mare will stay on our farm and in our care for the duration of her breeding, pregnancy, foaling, and until the weaning of the foal. Costs to you: In addition to the mare Lease, there will be a boarding fee of $350 per month while the mare is bred and during her pregnancy, then $500 once the foal is born and until your foal is ready to go home to you. This boarding fee includes all of the mares vaccinations, farrier work, dentistry, worming, feed, hay, stall care, and all other costs associated with the care of the mare while she carries your foal! All vet fees related to the Breeding, breeding procedure, conformation of pregnancy associated with your foal. Don’t Have a stallion in mind?: Not to worry we have many stallions that are available at Royal Horse Farms, or we can give you several recommendations not owned by RHF that would be the optimal cross with your leased mare! Have an amazing stallion of your own?: This is one of our most popular choice for stallion owners. We offer several types of discounts for stallion owners! You can exchange a breeding to your stallion (after approval by RHF) for $1000 off of your lease price. This allows us to bring in new lines to our program and help promote stallions owned by our clients. All costs associated with this breeding will be paid by RHF

Cycle leases for ET

How it works: Donor mare fee for A/I insemination (up to 2 cycles) (usually between $3000-$5,000) with the resulting embryo(s) to be flushed and put into recipient mare(s). All vet fees related to E/T procedure(s) and the cost of obtaining the fresh cooled or frozen semen from the stallion of your choice would be your responsibility. If you have a suitable, cycle synchronized recipient mare available for lease nearby and a qualified repro vet to implant the embryo(s) we will arrange to ship the embryo(s) to you at your expense. If you do not have a suitable synchronized recipient mare available, we do have several PRE mares available for those wishing to have their foals registered with the Spanish Stud Book (please see below for pricing of the lease of an E/T PRE mare, as well as several non PRE recipient mares that can be leased for $1000 to house your flushed embryos. Why? This option allows not only you to get an amazing foal, without paying the total cost of leasing one of our mares. This is discounted because when you have your embryo(s) after your 2 cycles, we can still breed our mare for a foal the following year! It is also possible that you may get more than one embryo in the case that the mare produces twin embryo’s! While the lease of the mare is less, E/T procedures are more Possible Downside: E/T procedures are more expensive (due to extra vet costs) and pregnancies are not always successfully maintained after implantation in the recipient mare.

Embryo Transfer Recipient Mares

For P.R.E. Embryo Transfer foals: This is an option we offer our clients wishing to have Embryo Transfer foals that are registered in the Spanish Studbook through ANCCE. Currently the studbook rules state that the Recipient mare MUST be a P.R.E. breeding mare in order for the resulting embryo transfer foal to be registered as a P.R.E. This option helps those wishing to produce an embryo transfer foal but do not wish to invest in the purchase of a proven PRE Broodmare for 1 year. Like with our other Brood Mare leases, you can choose to have the mare housed at RHF or you can have the recipient mare travel to your farm and be there when your foal is born. Due to the scheduling issues that accompany E/T, we at RHF also offer to those wishing to do more than one E/T the option of two additional mares to the ones you have leased to be there to help schedule the correct timing of your Embryo Transfer, after your two PRE mares are confirmed in foal to your E/T foal the mares not carrying the foal are returned to RHF with no additional cost, other than that of their transport. That means for the cost of 2 E/T Recipient mares you have 4 mares to optimize the best chance possible for the Embryo to take. Discounts available: Are you the owner of the stallion you will be using to create the Embryo? If so for a discount of $1,000 off of your lease (after stallion is approved by RHF), you have the option to send the recipient mares back in foal to your stunning boy. This both saves you money and allows us to promote your stallion. For non P.R.E. Embryo Transfer foals: This is an option we offer our clients wishing to have Embryo Transfer foals that are not concerned about registration in the Spanish Stud Book (i.e. no P.R.E. Registered E/T foals). We have several non Andalusian and/or non PRE Andalusian mares that produce amazing foals for us every year. Like with our above P.R.E. Embryo Recipient Mares our mares are safe, sane, proven great mothers. And should you choose to lease two or more of our non P.R.E. mares we will give you the option to take additional mares to make the Transfer have the best possible chance of success without you missing a cycle or spending more money than needed.

Competition Leases:

Are you an AMAZING competitor or someone looking to get their feet wet in our show arenas? We have a horse for you! Contact us about our lease options and our horses available.   To see some of our mare currently available for lease visit our Mares Page Have Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. or (386)344-4516

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