RHF Information Database



Here you will find a list of Spanish Foal names for Colts and Fillies and their English meaning


Here you will find more information on the payment options we offer our clients when purchasing our horses.


Here you will find information on the programs and incentives to show your Royal Horse Farms bred horse.


Here you can find pictures and information on horses seen in the pedigree of our horses.


*Under Construction* Here you can explore the various traits of the Spanish horse with example or correct conformation.


*Under Construction* Here you can find what type of movement is correct and incorrect for the Spanish Horse


This section should be open shortly

*** Please be patient as we are working behind the scenes to have the above sections opened as soon as possible. We hope that by providing all the information above in our RHF Information Database, we will continue to improve our knowledge of the Spanish Horse. Currently the RHF Information Database includes, Spanish Foal Names (horse names translated to English for both colts and fillies), Payment Options (where we further explain the multiple options we offer to client for payment), RHF Show Programs (Where we explain the multiple monetary incentives that we offer to owners of horses bred by Royal Horse Farms), Lineage (Where you can see pictures and information on horses seen in the pedigrees of our horses), Conformation (where you can see examples of both good and bad conformational traits in horses), Movement (Where you can see examples of good and bad movement for the Spanish horse at the walk, trot, and canter), Coat Colors (where we help identify foal colors, and walk you through the coat colors and breeding options and results of your Spanish horses). Should you have any questions on the above, currently closed, sections, please feel free to ask us via phone (386)344-4516 or by e-mail RoyalHorseFarms@gmail.com ***

See something we are missing, let us know we would love your input!

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